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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Cindy Harmelink is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with 25 years experience

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Covid19 Tele-Counseling is NOW available.

I use, an encrypted, secure site for mental health providers. Call times are flexible. Wifi through cell or computer. It’s quick, accessible, afforable and confidential.

The fee for this 50 minute service is $50.00 using cash, HSA/FSA account, and may be reimbursed through your carrier. Cindy accepts Venmo for this service.

Cindy Harmelink, LCMHC

Thank you for visiting this site.  Cindy Harmelink is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over twenty-five years of experience.

Cindy Harmelink received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Marriage and Family Therapy Program of California Baptist University in Riverside California in 1995.  Cindy interned at Loma Linda University Medical Center Child & Family Therapy Program.  In June of 1995 she and her husband re-located to New Hampshire where she worked for six years in an agency based setting, and has been in private practice for eighteen years.

Finding a Mental Health Provider can be frustrating.  The information on this site will help you find a provider with the right education, experience, and personal approach to assist you.

Benefits of a Private Practice with Cindy Harmelink

When you call, text, or email Cindy Harmelink-you reach me directly.  No waiting 4-6 weeks for your initial visit, or worse, you don’t get a return phone call.  I return calls, emails, or text to schedule appointments usually the same day or the following business day.

What you disclose in your session stays with me, period.  I do not use cloud storage or upload to a network carrier.  I do not have a third party prepare your progress notes or send your information to a billing service.  Your handwritten records remain confidential and secure.

When you come to your appointment you don’t wait in a crowded waiting room, speak to 2 or 3 office workers collecting co-pays or a billing department person.  You come directly into my waiting area, with free on-site parking in a quiet, safe, north end Manchester neighborhood with relative anonymity.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment (with 24 hr. notice), I work to get you in as soon as possible, no waiting 3-6 more weeks for another opening.

During the initial appointment we will get to know each other and clarify your needs & goals.  I screen people for a good fit to keep my caseload small, manageable, and provide personal service.  I occasionally still hear from people, ‘the therapist at the ABC agency called me by the wrong name the whole session.’ Or, ‘She was my third therapist at that agency, two others quit.’

I submit your claim electronically.  You pay your co-pay to me, and any glitch or non-payment by your carrier is brought to your attention in about two weeks.

While the benefits of good therapy are better understood, people tend to remain private about their personal matters.  I see people, on average, between eight to fifteen sessions to help resolve their presenting problem, but you are welcome to return when a stressful life-event arises.  I have wonderful long term therapeutic relationships with clients I have known for five, ten, fifteen plus years.  If you find a therapist who is helpful, respectful, and direct, a long term relationship for potential needs in the future is ideal; similar to having a good dentist, auto mechanic, hair stylist, or physician-you are welcome to return as needs arise.

Fees & Insurance Accepted

Anthem, BCBS, Empire.  Behavioral Health is separate from Medical coverage.  Prior to your visit, contact your insurance and confirm: coverage limitations (number of visits/max cap).  Confirm your co-pay, that I am a Provider, and whether or not you have a deductible.  Other Insurance Carrier: If you have a Point of Service plan (POS) you are welcome to pay the insurance rate up front $95.00, (not flexible), and I will provide the insurance claim form for you to submit for reimbursement.
If you have no insurance, or do not use your insurance, a flexible fee is an option.  The range is $75.00-$125.00 for fifty minute session.  Please consider using Flex-benefit plan, medical expense account for out-of-pocket medical expense cost (a receipt will be provided for tax purposes).
As a private practice I made the decision not to participate in other insurance carriers because of the amount of information they require in order to pay for services.  One goal of this private practice is to maintain your privacy.  When you decide to use your mental health insurance, please be informed of the information they require about you in order to pay, or to continue authorizing coverage; it is typically based on information they request from the provider.  Some plans require more information as to what is occurring in your sessions, and based on the diagnosis code, they determine and estimate the number of sessions your problem should be resolved.
I am not a participating provider for Affordable Care Act, Medicaid or Medicare. 

Areas of Help Provided

Goal Directed Therapy is designed to move you from the pain or discomfort of your presenting problem to a healthier place.  I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for OCD, Depression, and Anxiety/ADHD.  Treatment is provided for sexual issues, grief, loss, life transitions, chronic and terminal illness.  I welcome survivors of physical or verbal abuse, trauma, or post-traumatic stress.  I provide strength based support for adult clients who have family members with a personality disorder, substance abuse, or have had an emotionally abusive parent or sibling.  I provide assessment and treatment for Mild to Moderate Personality Disorders for those with insight and motivation to improve; clients needing more services will be referred for appropriate care.

I have additional education, training, and experience helping this population move towards independence and successful transition towards adulthood; help for young adults who were raised in abusive or dysfunctional families with substance abuse, neglect, verbal or emotional abuse.  You cannot change the past but you can decide to live a better life.  I no longer provide services for children under the age of fourteen.

Help with communication, sexual issues, increase intimacy, empty nest/adjustments for finding new life after the children are grown.  Grief/loss of child or parent, or chronic illness affecting the relationship.  Identification of psychological disorders including Personality Disorders and how to manage the minefield of having a partner with a Personality Disorder.

Help to improve communication in blended families, set family goals, and work together to build a team.  Structural Family therapy is a positive approach to help shape the family, increase closeness & connection, and help to express love, respect, and value.  Each member has gifts and talents that can help strengthen the family unit.  I help parents to work as a unit, to set age appropriate expectations, goals, and limits.  I encourage supervision of your teen and being consistent with consequences that build character, and I provide encouragement that you can be a great parent, even if you didn’t have a great parent.

Cindy Harmelink provides month-by-month retainer based services for small business (5-75 employees).  In house support for businesses like; dental practices, health facilities, law practices, design firms, tech industry, and start-ups.  Limit the time an employee uses to: find a therapist, commute to the therapist, and be away from the office.  Cindy Harmelink will come to you to provide employee assistance for brief solution focused therapy.  Service options are tailored to your company needs-including: screening applicants (consults/feedback), support employees in times of stress, and provide solution focused suggestions.  On-call availability to mangers to help employees maintain productivity, emotional, and psychological support for your small business.  Confidentiality Contracts for both short and long term support.

Cindy Harmelink has completed the coursework required by the Board of Mental Health Practice to provide Supervision, Consultation, or Individual Therapy for candidate for license, or licensed therapists.  Four distinct options for: Clinical supervision, Consultation, Mentoring, or Personal therapy.  Support for new therapists or seasoned therapist will receive absolute discretion with positive-supportive, honest, feedback to help you process the stressful emotions of this career, find balance, and establish boundaries for a long healthy career in the helping profession.  Help is available before you burn-out and get out.  Fee is significantly reduced for counselors to meet this important need.

Working together with the local church to encourage growth and development both spiritual and psychological integrated therapy.  Support for Pastors and staff to encourage movement towards maturity; to help individuals take responsibility for their actions and desire to work out their faith to become spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically whole.  “Live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8.  Consultations provided for leaders who would like to expand their knowledge base about mental health, specifically, Personality Disordered people of faith, and how these people impact the congregation.  Help to expand the thinking from filling the church building with attenders, to nurturing genuine emotional & psychological growth with eternal impact.  Cindy Harmelink earned a bachelor degree in Biblical Education from Multnomah University, Portland, Oregon, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Marriage Family Child Therapy program, California Baptist University, Riverside, California.  Prior to obtaining her Master’s degree (at age thirty) Cindy has years of experience working within churches in youth group, music, and missionary ministry, and over twenty two years of experience as a mental health provider.

Additional Therapy Information

If a patient is actively suicidal or threatens to harm an identified person, I am legally required to take action.  Suspected child or elder abuse must be reported to DCYF, or proper authorities.

I am legally bound to respond to a court order, an order issued by a Judge, requesting specific information, but I legally must refuse to respond to any request for information without written consent from the identified client.  Insurance companies include consent as part of their payment of services.  Your insurance company, depending on your plan and carrier, may request specific information regarding your treatment, and may limit or terminate your treatment based on their assessment.  Sometimes the insurance carrier seeks the diagnosis only, but they have determined they have the right to access your medical records.

As part of this informed consent, Cindy Harmelink does not, and will not participate in any legal proceedings, including but not limited to; custody disputes, divorce proceedings, or court ordered therapy.  The primary focus of this counseling practice is therapy, and if, during the counseling relationship, the above legal needs arise, Cindy will make referral recommendations.

Licensed Mental Health Providers are required by law to maintain confidentiality.  While I value free speech, and the use of social media (or other methods) for freedom of expression, confidentiality laws prevent providers from confirming or denying they know the person/persons who posts negative comments or complaints on social media, including slanderous or defaming remarks.  Please consider the source when you hear potentially defaming remarks relating to a Licensed Mental Health Provider.  When you hear inflammatory or slanderous information you may ask the person to give permission to contact the provider to confirm the information, if the individual refuses, be assured it is most likely false.  A client who believes the Provider has behaved in an illegal or unethical manner has the right to file a complaint with the Board of Mental Health Practice, and the Board will investigate first seeking the medical records of the patient as well as a response from the Provider.

The New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice requires continuing education that includes collaboration with colleagues, no identifying information is shared.  The Board also requires me to inform you, that if a valid complaint is filed, and the Board proceeds with an investigation, the mental health records of all clients may be requested and reviewed.  I believe this is inherently a violation of confidentiality, however, the Board of Examiner’s has proceeded with this approach, and The Board is not able to guarantee confidentiality as I have no control of the medical records once they are out of my care.  If the Board pursues an investigation, and requests to review your records, I will contact you personally, so that you may pursue any action at your discretion.  (This has never occurred, but the law requires that I inform you.)

Please be informed of Confidentiality law:  only Licensed Providers, Physicians, Attorneys, and paid Pastors hold legal confidentiality.  Anyone else; life coach, volunteer at a church, self-proclaimed or certified anything else can be compelled to reveal information shared with them; they are not protected by Confidentiality laws.

I hope this information has been helpful.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel welcome to send me an email or contact me by phone 603.661.9235.

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